Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

Do you have chronic low back pain radiating into your hips, buttocks, and then down your legs to your feet? You likely have sciatica. It often affects only one side of your body. The discomfort is usually associated with a numb, tingling, or weakened sensation of the leg muscles. The pain may occur suddenly and can persist for a few days or several weeks. It could range from mild to sharp, excruciating pain. Some patients compare the pain to a jolt or electric shock, which can worsen as you sneeze or cough. Do you want to ease the uncomfortable aches related to sciatic nerve pain? Here, we will share some insights into how chiropractic medicine can help with sciatica.


Sciatica Is Not a Diagnosis


Sciatica is a condition that’s often misunderstood. Many people confuse it as the root problem that’s irritating their sciatic nerve. In truth, sciatica is a set of symptoms occurring from an underlying condition. Several health problems can cause pain in your sciatic nerve. These include herniated discs and general wear and tear of your vertebral bones. Other known causes are piriformis syndrome and spondylolisthesis, among others. Your sciatic nervous tissue may also be in pain due to vascular problems or tumor growth in the spinal cord. Other causes are trauma or infection from car accidents or sports-related collisions.


Why Consult with a Chiropractor


Chiropractic care can be an excellent solution to ease the pain from sciatica. A chiropractor can provide you with a drug-free treatment plan with chiropractic adjustments. It’s a safe and non-invasive alternative to usual over-the-counter painkillers or prescription medications.


Besides reducing inflammation, chiropractic medicine can decrease pain and discomfort in your back. It can also improve your range of motion and flexibility. This, in turn, will increase your activity and improve your quality of life.


How Chiropractic Adjustments Work


Board-certified practitioners are adept in chiropractic adjustments. It helps in addressing misaligned spine and reducing joint restrictions. Chiropractic adjustments may involve a quick, high-velocity thrust. Your chiropractor may also combine it with gentle pressure using only minimal force.


Spinal manipulations can move slipped discs to rest back into the proper position. This takes the debilitating pressure off your sciatic nerve. By restoring misaligned vertebral discs, they can free you from limited spinal movement. Through this technique, your chiropractor can help lessen inflammation and pain.


There are other treatment modalities used to manage sciatic nerve pain. These include spinal decompression and exercise programs. Your chiropractor may also recommend lifestyle changes to protect your sciatic nerve better.


Chiropractic care aims to improve all aspects of your life. Their holistic approach will enhance the affected body functions that are causing sciatica. Also, it promotes healing in your entire nervous system. With strengthened spinal health, your body can better manage sciatica pain.


Have you already taken drastic measures with your physician, but your pain is still there? It’s about time you consider the healing art of chiropractic medicine. Enjoy long-term relief today with our skilled chiropractors at Well Adjusted. Call our office in Brooklyn, New York, to schedule your consultation.


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