5 Ways Chiropractors Can Help Prevent and Treat Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can cause you to miss a season of your game. Whether you play professionally or on an amateur level, missing something you love doing can be frustrating. Watching from the sidelines is fun if you are a spectator—not so if you are part of the team.


To avoid these frustrations, you should learn how to prevent and treat sports injuries. One way to do this is by receiving regular chiropractic care. The hands-on manipulation aligns your spine, muscles, and ligaments, keeping you in top shape. Here are five ways you can benefit from it.


Relief From Pain


Pain can cause fatigue. The body works extra hard to heal. It may also cause you to make the wrong decisions, resulting in further injuries. Chiropractic care aligns your muscles, ligaments, and spine.


It deals with inflammation and nerve irritation that may result in the pain you are feeling. The aches disappear, and you have more energy to engage in the sports you enjoy. You can make clear decisions, avoiding mistakes that could cost you health-wise.


Faster Healing


Your spine supports your body and protects your internal organs. It also promotes flexibility and safeguards your nerves. Aligning it ensures its proper functioning. Hence, nutrients and oxygen can reach areas that need them faster to promote healing.


Otherwise, if there is an obstruction or misalignment of the spine, it causes inflammation or nerve irritation. The result is the slower healing of injuries, which may also cause additional injuries. 


When your body is not operating at peak level, you may experience:


  • Delayed reaction time during a game

  • Falling when running

  • Overextension of your arm when throwing balls

  • Misalignment of vertebrae during play


Get chiropractic care to avoid all the above.


Increasing Range of Motion


Flexing, stretching, or bending can be difficult when you have a misaligned spine. You may also experience pain when you engage in these activities. Chiropractic care can help check if you have any injuries, relieve pain, and realign your spine. It does not stop there. Chiropractors can also help you increase your range of motion to prevent strains and sprains.


Increasing your range of motion also helps ensure that you play at peak performance. You can throw or catch a ball without worrying about injuring your joints, ligaments, spine, or muscles. Your chiropractor may combine spinal manipulation with exercises to strengthen your musculoskeletal frame.


Less Reliance on Medication


Conventional medicine may treat pain with medication. However, this alone may not be enough for treating sports injuries. The pain medication does not align muscles, ligaments, and bones that may be out of alignment. Thus, the most effective way to deal with pain from sports injuries is using chiropractic care.


Using prescription medication also creates the risk of developing a reliance on them. Athletes need to be careful since dependence on pain medication may put their careers at risk.


Boosts Energy


Chiropractic care will not only focus on your problem areas but also treat your entire body. Sports can take a toll on your body and leave you without the energy for other activities. Spinal manipulation jump-starts your nervous system. It allows oxygen and nutrients to flow freely, revitalizing your body.


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